We in the World


“ …We have to live life of the era , have the feeling of  the era and stretch out our hands to every side and to the four banners for the sake of cooperation ,solidarity and concurrence in brotherhood and devotion and in the greatest human struggle.


         We also need to view through these great psychological, materialistic and public developments that a new spirit has started to rage in the universe, the spirit of earth as it is called by Tillar De Chardan, the spirit of sensing the unity of humankind on this small inhabited area, sensing man’s unity; thus , we make an effort to achieve our message in the Arab surroundings and in the widest surroundings to be a head of those who believe in the necessity of establishing the greatest international law institutions and in developing the United Nations and its regulations in order to maintain Mans future and preserve peace and cooperation in the world …”  




                    Kamal Joumblat






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